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We all have that one friend who gives really horrible advice that you know you shouldn't take, but, you just can't manage to muster up the courage to tell them that their ideas are sh*t.

I mean, we have been burned at least twice trying to carry through these absolutely horrible or obscene pieces of advice. Hopefully we live and learn, and we have just stopped listening to them altogether. In case you haven't, this is our disclaimer: DO NOT attempt any of these ideas. They are horrible, guaranteed to not work and may even get you into trouble. 

Here are some of the sh*ttiest pieces of advice you will ever see:


Use some sharp scissors to cut a strip out of a plastic cup for a DIY handle. Easy to hold and even easier to make your drink disappear!


Struggling to read texts on your phone! Instead of just going to settings and adjusting the size, pop the phone in a glass of water to magnify everything!


If you happen to run out of ice, use frozen veggies in your drink. Healthy and cold!


Putting your wipers up makes it almost impossible to get a parking ticket!


If you are one of those people who is always late for work, skip a step and brush your teeth while you eat breakfast!


If you want a shortcut to losing that extra couple of kilos, just weigh yourself while you are on the toilet.


This brings a whole new meaning to keeping your keys on you at all times. I guess this works if you lose everything, but you might get a few strange looks...


Remember when everyone said "dress for the job you want"? Well, the same applies! Dress for the size you want!


Instantly waterproof your feet! There are even a variety of colours to match your outfit!


If you're cruising on the highway and want to overtake a slow driver, just pop the gears into R for race mode, giving you an instant speed boost. The grinding sound means that the car is getting that extra turbo boost!

Check out the video below for even more :0)

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