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So waterslides are cool... we even showed you the scariest waterslides in the world but let's get creative. What if you could slide down a volcano or suspend yourself from the edge of the stratosphere. X Scream is around the height of 866 feet (264 m), which puts it at the world's third highest amusement ride, located on top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas.

The ride moves vertically in a see-saw motion and the cars roll backwards and forward along the length. The ride rolls quickly forward to the end of the track, 27 feet (8.2m) past the edge of the building, brakes sharply and rolls back. Basically, the car lurches forward to take the rider by surprise and feel like they are at risk of falling from the face of the building.

Dune boarding, snowboarding and all the rest are old news but now you can slide down the slopes of a volcano. Protective gear, including jumpsuits and goggles, must be worn because... well you’re literally dodging the hot lava flying up at you. The most popular volcano boarding slopes are Cerro Negro near Leon in western Nicaragua and Mt. Yasur in Tanna, Vanuatu.

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