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Get ready for the ultimate heart burning, diabetic inducing cheat meal of your life! We all love to pig out now and then with our favourite foods, maybe it's a cheesy pizza with chocolate ice-cream for dessert (mmmmm, pizza) but have you ever had three of your favourite unhealthy foods together in one delicious taco of chocolatey decadence?

Don't worry, its way better than it sounds. Introducing... Hellthyjunkfood, helping people put together their favourite junk food to create the Frankenstein of all junk foods since 2013. Now they bring you... chocolate tacos that are the size of your face! (No exaggeration.)

If you are anything like us and the sound of this just made your mouth water and your tummy rumble a little bit then check out the video for the perfect solution to any junk food cravings. Or for destroying any of the fitness goals you set for yourself... ever!

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