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It turns out that eating really hot chilli peppers can do more than just burn your mouth, it may burn your brain too! After downing a "Carolina Reaper," known as the world's hottest chilli pepper at the time, a 34-year-old man developed intense head and neck pain and had several brief but excruciating headaches over the next few days. These are known as "thunderclap headaches", considered a medical emergency because they can signal bleeding in the brain, a clot shutting down brain blood flow, or other life-threatening conditions.

Luckily, the headaches were caused by reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome (RCVS), a temporary condition that makes the blood vessels that supply the brain smaller. RCVS usually does not have long-term effects but the doctors boiled it down to the Carolina Reaper.

Although he suffered the consequences immediately, we are pretty sure he didn't enjoy the pepper on the way out either! This girl (yes, she is the cinnamon girl) decided to try it out for herself...

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