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After the release of Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible – Fallout, he set out to promote his movie – and who better to join him than James Corden?

We all know that Cruise generally does his own stunts... James Corden... not so much. Corden called Cruise's HALO jump stunt in the new Mission: Impossible – Fallout "no big deal."

HUGE mistake, Cruise made Corden put his money where his mouth is when he joined the CBS late-night program. So, Corden headed off to an airstrip in Southern California, to perform his own skydive with the help of an expert but Cruise, being a seasoned skydiver, joyfully jumped out the aeroplane in jeans and a shirt. From the time to two were in the plane, to the time they actually landed on the ground, not much can be heard in between the screams and swearing.

Although Corden ate his words about the stunt being "no big deal" this is actually one of the many adrenaline pumping stunts that Cruise performs. During Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation, Cruise actually hangs off the side of a plane! The director explains the danger associated with the stunt despite the fact Cruise is wearing a harness – "If the pilot overaccelerates the plane, there’s no harness in the world that’s going to keep Tom on the plane. The other danger is any debris on the runway. Tom was struck by a pebble. He said it was like being shot. And the real danger is bird strikes. If a bird flew past and struck Tom, it would be like a cannonball. The exhaust from the engines is extremely punishing and very toxic."

Tom Cruise is not afraid to face danger for the cost of movie magic!

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