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There's always a story behind every video we see on the internet but do we really need to know if the video is just too hilarious or adorable? Well, we do.

We just love to watch people trying to dance or sing when they reeeeeally shouldn't be, and who could resist a proposal gone wrong? Tough buffaloes with huge horns vs a plastic bag in the wind, guess who wins? Besides fails, watching pure talent can also be as fascinating as watching a cat take a bath or lie in a basket full of baby chicks. Yes, a whole basket of fluffy yellow cuteness.

Ever watch those talent shows and the dancers are so good that they actually make you wish that you were able to dance? Well, some dancers will blow your mind! The little girl who just can't seem to get the hang of hula-hooping is tops but the dog that's made to look like a zebra is just excellent!

Click play for the list of videos that shot to viral status in 2017, watch and enjoy!

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