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There is truly nothing worse than driving into a busy parking lot with no available parking spots and then coming across a kind human being who has decided to park across two parkings. Even worse, drivers decide to park in the disabled parking because "They are just popping into the shops quickly". These selfish drivers even know very well that they are not supposed to park there but their lack of consideration and compassion will come back to bite them.

These people decided to park in the worst places at the worst times because bystanders could just not let it go and decided to take justice into their own hands. They felt no shame in smashing a window to get to the fire hydrant that they blocked or giving it the old clingwrap prank. Some were just so fed up, they physically moved the cars themselves, while others just carried on – but good luck to the driver trying to get out of that parking spot.

Next time someone parks across two parkings, turn that rage into creativity, just to make the driver's life difficult and hope that the karma bit hard enough.

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