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Most people think about cannabis, weed, marijuana (whatever you want to call it, it's too hard to keep up with all the sly nicknames people come up with these days), they think about being high, being hungry, being naughty and spending the night laughing until they cry.

But, as it turns out, that's definitely not the only thing we should think about when we think about cannabis!

Since cannabis oil and other cannabis-related products have been legalized in some countries (and more on the go) in the world, the cannabis industry has grown from an underground dodgy trade to a multi-billion dollar industry!

Forget smoking the damn stuff, we need to start investing in it! 

With that said, the Canadian government is expected to legalize recreational by July 2018.

Although illegal, and an activity punishable by up to life in prison, growing and selling marijuana in Canada has been a lucrative industry for many otherwise good citizens of the country. There are stories of guys earning big money in the growth, sale and distribution of black market marijuana, with some of the more business savvy entrepreneurs looking over their shoulders for the best part of two decades. For these guys, the bounty they cultivate has provided a respectable Middle-class income while they hold up day jobs to keep up appearances.

With Canadian looking to legalize, Canadian businesses are expecting a windfall. In fact, a report compiled by Deloitte in 2016 estimated the legal Canadian marijuana market will be worth a whopping $18 billion annually.

You would think this would bother the many black-market suppliers but, far from mourning the possible end to their livelihoods, many of these guys are eager for marijuana to be legalised.
In a recent article in the New York Times, one of these chaps said, “We all want to transition to legal, I want to do this without looking over my shoulder all the time. I want regulation and quality control. I want to pay taxes.” Another lady who goes by the name Betty Cracker added, “When legalization happens, people will be able to get their weed at the ‘corner store. But I have 10 years’ experience, and I can refine my niche to get into the new market. You have to be creative.” She sells 'enhanced' baked goods that she delivers personally to her clientele.

With their many years of experience, these illegal growers hold an advantage over the corporates who are looking to get involved. Another benefit to legalisation is the fact that now these backyard farmers will have access to lines of credit, they will be able to accept credit cards and bank transfers and pay taxes on their income without the paranoia of always wondering when the cops will come knocking.

There are 54 licenced producers in Canada, all of whom trade in medical marijuana and almost a third are already publicly traded companies with a combined market cap of over $2.5 billion. Many of them are already looking to supplying the recreational market because, well, there's big money to look forward to.

According to the Deloitte study, demand for cannabis is expected to be at least 600,000 kilograms a year, that's about 1.32 million pounds. The legal producers currently only produce about 20,000 pounds of that. These producers have said they're willing to purchase from the private growers once they are able to.

So, when all is said and done, those who can transition to the legal trade will do so. Those that can't? They will simply carry on – even with the threat of 14-years behind bars if they get caught.

Either way, looking a the success of legalising weed in many other places around the world, there's big money to be made, perhaps now's the time to start investing?

In this video, Warren Buffet (considered one of the most successful investors of all time) speaks about the cannabis industry, and why we should be investing! 

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