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So, stormtroopers are in charge of running the whole ship and making sure that all prisoners stay in line and locked away right? They are tough, smart and not ones to be messed with. But these stormtroopers are a little different. Maybe not the sharpest tools in the shed.

When nature calls, you have no choice but to answer. Holding it in is just a horrible idea on all accounts! Well, this stormtrooper clearly didn't get the memo and when desperation kicks in, he'll do whatever it takes! But when it goes wrong, what do you do? Perhaps relieving yourself on a sliding door to your bosses office isn't the idea. But this guy found that out the hard way!

In the midst of intergalactic war there are good guys, bad guys, then… these guys.

Would you want these guys to work on your ship? Maybe not but its pretty funny to watch them mess up!


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