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So, the 4th of July has come and gone, and with it all the the brilliant colours that fill the sky from fireworks shows that take place in the States. It's like a giant unicorn fart!

But, these shows are hopefully done by professionals. Fireworks aren't all glitter and pretty colours, you are actually, quite literally, playing with an explosive and so many things could go wrong. Also, sticking a firework up your butt and lighting it really isn't a smart idea and, yes, it does hurt!

So dangerous in fact, that many 4th of July fireworks shows have been cancelled due to the extreme fire hazard. The Colorado Department of Public Safety reported at least nine wildfires burn in the state due to fireworks and Ohio is concerned about the same hazards due to the extreme drought they are currently facing.

Fireworks shows are now being replaced with laser light shows, which is far safer, not to mention how less terrified all the poor animals will feel without all the explosions!

Just to dissuade you from using fireworks (if we haven't already) there are always fireworks fails that do the job! Enjoy the video below.

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