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We all know the artist Vincent Van Gogh, one of the most remarkable artists this world has ever seen. To this day, his paintings are embraced by art lovers and will forever be remembered.

What better way to show your admiration for such an influential artist than to create your own art dedicated to Van Gogh's life. An Iranian cartoonist named Alireza Karimi Moghaddam shared his admiration for van Gogh in an ongoing comic series starring the Post-Impressionist painter. 

He created several colourful illustrations which tell the story of the iconic artist's life. It also showcases the brilliant artwork van Gogh produced during his short career. The artworks have captured both the wonders van Gogh had in his life as well as the downfalls he encountered. 

Moghaddam often illustrates van Gogh exploring nature that inspired some of his most famous works. The illustrations range from cycling through a meadow of sunflowers, laying in wheat fields to paddling in the ocean and observing the night sky. In one image, the cartoon van Gogh looks up at the swirling night sky, which Moghaddam illustrates as stylized, painterly brushstrokes of colour. This references one of the artist's most iconic works, 
The Starry Night (1889). The artist visualizes the view from the "iron-barred window" of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, just before sunrise.

Moghaddam's digitally colourful line comics are aesthetically cheery. However, the cartoonist doesn't shy away from portraying van Gogh's darker side of life. Many of his cartoon images also give insight into the troubled artist's battle with mental health. One particular comic shows van Gogh feeding his cut-off ear to crows, another depicts him standing atop a bridge, contemplating suicide. 

No matter the situation or time of van Gogh's life, each illustrated scene gives an insight into the iconic artist's life. 

To see more Van Gogh comics see the images below.  

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