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Having a pet in the house can be such a fun addition. You get to play games with them, cuddle up to them at night and get to stare at them when they sleep in the funniest and yet most adorable positions. It can really be a blast, and they become part of your family!

At the same time, however, having a pet in the house can also be an absolute nightmare. They may be adorable, but as you watch your cherished furniture get destroyed one by one, the hearts in your eyes turn to flames! Pets can be a complete pain in so many ways that life can be harder just having them around.

But one thing is definitely correct about having pets in your life – life will never, ever, be boring. Not one day passes that your pet doesn't entertain you in some way – whether it leaves you smiling or considering dropping your pet at the nearest fire station!

These 10 stories are proof that life with pets can never be boring!

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