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Michael Mcintyre hilariously illustrates the life of people with no children and the life of people with a family. He describes the simple tasks in life that most of us would think mundane evolving into the most complex, stressful situation when children are added into the mix.

Finding shoes that seem like they have been lost in the Bermuda triangle that is their room, nevermind simply leaving the house. He describes his daily routine of vacating his premises with hilarious accuracy, from pretending to leave his 3-year-old behind to resorting to bribing him out the house.

Mcintyre compares the patience and peace of people with no children to the chaotic pandemonium that occurs when trying to pull up a zip! Sleepless nights and driving down the highway with kids hanging out the car, he claims that couples have no idea what they are getting into looking at a seemingly innocent family moment that turns into world war 3!

Have you got any stories about getting through life with kids, be it a brother, sister or your own child, let us know in the comments below. 

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