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Date: 2017-07-15

People often say that after turning 25, life pretty much goes downhill from there. And although it's true that your life changes pretty drastically once you hit your mid-twenties, it's not all thag bad!

Sure - the hangovers feel a bit more fatal, the nightclubs aren't as fun and being alone goes from a sad moment to a moment of utter relief.

But there are a bunch of upsides to life after 25 too! Romance becomes a little less sexy, but becomes a lot more meaningful. Relationships become more and more comfortable and helpful. Being alone becomes a treasure rather than a tragedy. 

Basically - life after 25 might be different, and possibly difficult to adjust to. You may think back on the old days where hangovers were nothing and fast food was delicious, and you might even miss it!

But the truth is, life after 25 becomes a lot more comfortable and routine-based - and that's nothing to complain about!

Watch the video and let us know whether you enjoy life before 25 or after!


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