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This is one hellava way to turn archery into a hilarious battle, just add blindfolds!

Yes, this is not a joke! The guys at Dude Perfect have taken archery to a new level. Not happy with just shooting arrows for fun, they decided to turn it into an epic battle.

This looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon, shooting rubber-tipped arrows at balloons attached to your friends head while everyone is blindfolded.

The rules are that simple too; if your balloon is popped, you're out. It's three rounds of mayhem, the first is all five players on the field, sneaking around, trying to guess where the enemy is and shooting their balloons, the last man standing goes through to the final round.

In the second round, two opponents at a time are placed on swivel chairs a few metres from each other and have to spin around as they attempt to pop their opponent's balloon.

In the final, the top three go up against each other in the decagon battlefield, still blindfolded, and have to hunt down a man in a panda suit with a balloon on his head... winner takes all!

This is hilarious and totally epic, it's the Blindfolded Archery Battle and you should do it with your friends!

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