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News presenters, who are used to doing live crossings from the studio to reporters outside, have probably seen their fare share of drama and meltdowns. Let’s face it, you’ve got a few seconds on camera, bad sound and the conditions aren’t always that great, especially if you have to wait until the studio is ready to cross to you.

In this case, all of the above apply.

A newsreader in Colorado did a live crossing to their resident weatherman after snow hit the Denver area. It might have seemed like just another crossing where viewers were meant to get an idea of just how bad the snowstorm is and if they can expect any more snowfall, or not.

Well, that’s not what happened when weatherman, Ryan Marshall, lost his cool. His epic meltdown had viewers in stitches, and even the presenter can be heard laughing in the background. Comments on the meltdown included viewers sympathising with him and crediting him for saying what a lot of reporters, and especially weather reporters, probably wanted to have said over the years.

Later on, the news broke that Ryan wasn’t an actual weatherman, but rather a standup comedian.

Watch the johnbcrist video below to see how weatherman Ryan loses his cool during a live crossing and how hilarious his meltdown is. Especially you, Shannon.

Image credit: Good Things Guy

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