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Who knew that it would only take one brilliant, albeit crazy, tweet from a cereal brand to break the internet? Cue Weetabix...

Weetabix, the English version of the South Africa's local Weetbix brand, tweeted a photo earlier this week of beans on Weetabix, with the caption "Why should bread have all the fun when there's Weetabix?".

While they were obviously trying to ruffle a few feathers by taking on this popular breakfast combo, we don't think they anticipated this much reaction.

The reaction was so big, it almost broke the internet.

While Twitter's usual suspects – also known as the general public – are never scared of commenting on anything, it was the comments from other local and international brands as well as international embassies that got everyone laughing.

Here are some of the comments:

Pfizer UK, currently one of the pharmaceutical companies working on a COVID-19 vaccine, commented: "Haven't our scientists worked hard enough, without having to come up with an antidote to this?"

The National Health Service in the UK chimed in, commenting "That tweet should come with a health warning", while the US Embassy in London said "This was not the US-UK collaboration we were hoping for…".

Our favourite comment? Tinder saying "Trust us, this is not a match".

Watch the Euronews video below for more hilarious comment’s on Weetabix’s baked beans tweet.

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