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Humans are strange. Here are weird rules from around the world that will leave you flabbergasted.

Travelling the globe is a favourite pastime for millions of Earth's citizens, and most countries have fundamental laws that are consistent throughout. For instance, don't kill anyone, don't steal, don't deceive, you get the picture.

But, many other rules are more obscure. Some of them are a legacy from times gone by, like the law in a small town in Colorado called Severance. For a century, it was illegal to throw snowballs. That's right, harmless snowballs. When the town was first being built, a regulation was put into effect that "forbade throwing stones and other things at people and their properties". 

This included snowballs and, for the next 100 years, kids and adults alike were denied the joy of snowball fights in the Colorado winters. That is until an intrepid nine-year-old boy named Dane Best decided this law was rubbish.

He got two dozen signatures from his classmates and put together a five-minute presentation that he delivered to the mayor of the town. He called the law "obsolete", and that "the boys and girls of Severance should be allowed to enjoy throwing snowballs at each other like others around the world".

Considering the law had been largely unpoliced, not to mention the mayor didn't even know how to punish the offenders, young Dane convinced the authorities to lift the ban. The mayor even presented him with a snowball-making device in celebration.

Other bizarre rules include a town in Switzerland that has banned photography; the prohibition of buying, selling or consuming chewing gum in Singapore; and being forbidden to die in a small town called Longyearbyen in the Arctic Ocean.

There are others too in the video below by the guys at #Mind Warehouse on YouTube. Press play, and you'll be flabbergasted by these weird rules from around the world.

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