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If you believe that people were less eccentric in the past than they are today, think of their fashions and traditions and maybe you’ll change your opinion – looking for example? We’ve gathered twelve really strange things that our ancestors thought was normal.

That's right, our ancestors were pretty strange... well, according to modern standards anyway. Here are just a few examples:

  • From the 16th century and until around 1920, it was customary for little boys up until a certain age (4-8 years) to wear dresses. The main reason was perhaps the high cost of clothing: dresses were easier to make "to grow into."

  • Isabella I of Castille was proud of the fact that she only washed twice in her life: at birth and before her wedding. According to one testimony, a cavalier once made a comment upon her dirty hands and nails, to which the Queen replied, “Oh, if only you could see my feet!”

  • In the early 20th century, radiation was perceived exclusively as a positive phenomenon, which swindlers didn’t fail to take advantage of: you could buy cosmetics, food, and drinks enriched with radium and thorium, radioactive souvenirs, and even devices for saturating the water with radioactive elements.

  • Surprisingly, 100 years ago, heroin was considered a harmless alternative to morphine and was sold in pharmacies as cough medicine. It was later discovered that heroin turns into morphine in the liver and, in 1924, its use was prohibited.

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