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The Victorians were known for their dress sense and modern breakthroughs, but they were also known for their weird etiquette.

Your Victorian etiquette class is about to begin. Ready?

1.      Eating Corn Flakes So You’re Not Tempted To Play With Yourself

Well, if Mr Kellogg himself said it, it must be true. John Harvey Kellogg himself described the world-famous cereal as "a healthy, ready to eat, anti-masturbatory morning meal".

This meant that most men wanted to be seen eating a bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes every morning to show they’ve still got it. Great marketing tool, Mr. Kellogg.

If you’ve had too much Corn Flakes, the Victorians had a great natural way to get your slim figure back in shape. Very natural indeed.

2.      Swallowing Tapeworm Larvae To Maintain A Fashionably Trim Figure

Back then, a lot of women would swallow a capsule containing tapeworm larvae. The eggs will then hatch in your stomach and eat whatever you ate so that you won’t gain weight. So easy… and so dangerous.

3.      Trying Deliberately To Clash With Your Spouse

When looking for a potential spouse, people living in the Victorian age were encouraged to marry someone who would clash with them, but in a good way. If you had red hair and fair skin, you were to look for someone with black hair and darker skin.

The more your appearances clashed, the better your personalities would match. Yes, that makes total sense.

For more hilarious Victorian etiquette lessons, watch the Weird History video below.

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