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Here are some of the weirdest things to ever have been caught by customs.

Smugglers go to extreme lengths to try to bring in illegal goods into pretty much every country in the world. Sometimes smugglers get away with it and sometimes they don't. Certain airports take smugglers very seriously, Australia's international airports are probably the most famous for being ultra strict, and rightfully so.

There are many reasons as to why certain countries prohibit specific goods and products, this has largely got to do with drugs, potential infestation and quality control.

Regardless of what is being smuggled, what always proves to be the most impressive is the amount of thought and creativity that goes into trying not to be caught by authorities. But, time and time again, they get busted thanks to the competent security staff and high tech technology used at the airports to prevent this kind of malicious behaviour.

From smuggling a person in a suitcase to money hidden in fruit to an entire aeroplane, these are just a sample of what airport and border control authorities have seen in the past, and nothing will surprise them!

Take a look at the rather humorous video below on some of the weirdest things to be caught by customs at airports by YouTube channel, TheRichest.

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