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Only three miles from Florida lies an island called Fisher Island – known as the richest zip code in the entire United States. Well, if the average income of $2.2 million is anything to go by, we totally get it.

You can only get there by ferry that takes about seven minutes from Miami Beach, or a private yacht of course. Access to the island is only allowed to the 800 families and their staff living on the island. Rich people love their privacy.

The speed limit on the island is limited, so that’s why golf carts are the preferred use of transport. But, of course, not just any old golf carts – you will find Rolls Royce and Bentley golf carts on this island.

In 2019, two new apartment blocks were launched, and they are divine. The ground floor apartment consists of four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The sea views are spectacular and you get your own private pool. Even the bath in the main bedroom’s en suite is custom made and it's called, you guessed it, "The Fisher".

While other apartments higher up in the building cost a few million less, it’s still spectacular since they have luxuries like a private library and all the other bells and whistles.

All the apartment blocks on the island either have sea views or look out onto the island’s private golf course. Some of the apartments sell for $40 million. For one apartment!

Fisher Island has its own post office, school, fire station, and health clinic.

The downside to all of this? Not only are the apartments owned by those from old money, they are also old. Half of the residents are over 60 years old. At least you will be able to turn up the music without your neighbours hearing, sorry, we meant to say complaining.

Watch the Business Insider video below to see what its like to live on Fisher Island, the place with the richest zip code in the US.

Image credit: Douglas Eliman

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