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You get villas on land, yachts at sea… and then you get the Floating Seahorse in Dubai. The Heart of Europe is a new resort in Dubai bringing the best of Europe to the desert country across six different islands.

Farooq Syed recently took a tour of one of the villas, and it's easy to see why these are so popular among the rich and famous.

The villa is 372 square metres big and consists of two en-suite rooms. If need be, the other two living areas can also be converted into bedrooms with their own private bathrooms.

The Floating Seahorse has three levels. The bottom one is under the water and consist of the two main bedrooms. The ground level is the entertainment area consisting of a full kitchen with a chimney hub, living room, dining room and smart home centre.

The interior is stylish and offers state of the art appliances, genuine leather couches and a full bathroom with lots of marble.

Both bedrooms are located below water and have windows to the wonderful coral reef and the creatures living under the sea. If you buy one of the villas, you can choose which fish you'd like outside your window. The company has its own coral farm where they farm coral according to the fish attracted by them.

The TV drops from the roof with surround sound and, of course, the master suite has its own kitchenette for midnight snacks.

The upper deck has a hot tub, kitchen, four different seating options and it offers 360 degrees of stunning ocean views.

It’s totally private as you can only get there by sea or air.

One of these villas sell for about… are you ready? R83 million! Billionaires, this one's for you.

Watch the video below for more on these famous floating villas in Dubai.

Image credit: Business Insider

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