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A doughnut is a doughnut is a doughnut, right? Wrong! While the idea behind this delicious pastry is the same all over the world, the humble doughnut has many versions as cultures and countries have adapted it over the years.

In India you could buy a jalebi that tastes and smells just like a doughnut, but it doesn’t look like it. It’s thin layers of dough that are fried in oil before it’s dipped in a cinnamon and cardamom flavoured syrup.

Churros are longer versions of doughnuts and they’re a Spanish tradition. You might have tasted them at your local Mexican restaurant and you also might have wished that you ordered more of them.

Long pieces of dough are fried in hot oil, then drained before dipped in a fragrant powdery sugar mix. Churros are usually served with a delicious hot chocolate sauce to dip them in.

When two of the world’s favourite pastries get together, they make pasty babies that are simply out of this world. Created in 2013, the cronut is a mix between a croissant and a doughnut.

It’s from New York and looks like a doughnut, but it’s filled with ganache, rolled in cinnamon sugar and topped with icing. Since they’re made with croissant dough, they’re denser than your average doughnut, but still light and crunchy.

In Malaysia they make a doughnut from sweet potato. The kuih keria doesn’t contain any rising agents, so its typically denser than your average doughnut. After the doughnut is fried, it’s covered in emulsified palm sugar that simply melts in your mouth.

Watch the Food Insider video below to see how these and other forms of doughnuts are made around the world. Trust us, you’ll be off to the doughnut shop after watching it.

Image credit: Tasting Table

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