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From one guy missing out on beating his own record to a team celebrating their win without realising the game is still in play, here are times when people embarrasingly celebrated too early.

The saying "don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched", seems to be oh so true in some cases.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the CubeHub01 compilation of people who celebrated their victories way too early.

During a 5,000 meter athletics race, a fifth place runner decided that she was going to try and give it her all during the final 200 metres, and that’s exactly what she did. Not only did she manage to come running past the other runners from behind, but she also managed to win the race by milliseconds, and if you have a look at the other athlete’s faces, it’s clearly not what they were expecting.

When showing off, means second place… during the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, one snowboarder wanted to show off during the home stretch as victory was in sight.

When the move went wrong, she fell and lost time. In fact, just enough time for the second-place snowboarder behind her to race past her and take victory.

After an awesome 100 metre run on his way to score a touchdown, an American Football player celebrated his show of talent too early and got tackled a mere 90 centimetres before the actual line.

It seems as if there was a first place given to the sport with the most pre-empted celebrations that turned into embarrassing moments, it should go to volleyball.

In the video compilation below, volleyball players are often seen as celebrating a point or even a match, when their opponents seem to get a sneaky point in.

A word of advice to the volleyball coaches, before explaining the general rules and game etiquette, maybe just mention that players should wait for the referee or scoreboard’s official announcement before they celebrate anything.

Image credit: USA Today

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