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They say revenge is sweet, and we can only imagine how much sweeter it tastes if there’s adoring fans cheering you on in a public space, like an award show.

Over the years, celebrities have definitely had their fair share of revenge comments when accepting awards and, luckily, Salty Facts  on YouTube made a compilation of some of them. Revenge is definitely in the air!

When Zayn Malik was awarded with the Best New Artist Award at the American Music Awards back in 2016, he had just recently brought out his first solo album after famously exiting from the boy band, One Direction, in spectacular fashion.

He opened his acceptance speech with the line "this one has just my name on it, right?". Well, it looks like there is an 'I' in team after all.

Speaking of Zayn Malik… it seems as if him leaving his former girlfriend just after he left the band not only inspired him to write hit tracks, but also his ex-girlfriend.

Zayn ended his four-year relationship with Perrie Edwards over a text message a few months after leaving the band. Instead of wallowing in her misery, Perrie went on to write a hit single with her girl band, Little Mix. The hit, Shout Out To My Ex, won the band numerous international awards.

As part of their acceptance speech, the band gave one final nod to their exes in their acceptance speech.

Who would have thought sweet Southern girl, Reese Witherspoon, would be one to get a swipe in while accepting an award at the MTV Movie Awards.

While not mentioning Kim Kardashian by name, the Oscar winning actress just casually mentioned that it’s not necessary to make a sex tape and then show it to the world, and that you can make it big in Hollywood without having a reality show.

Watch the Salty Facts video below for more snarky celeb comments as they take revenge during their awards show acceptance speeches.

Image credit: Daily Mail

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