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Some things are just meant to be and, if your name fits perfectly into a specific profession, why should you challenge your fate, right?

During a recent episode of the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy interviewed a few people with names that are perfectly suited to what they do for a living.

Who better to officiate a wedding than Justice Mary Yu? No, it’s not a name change, it’s just pure coincidence.

Nutritionists are all about healthy food and how you can use food to fuel your body properly. One nutritionist in Surrey, England, is also a vegetarian cookbook author.

Now, vegetarians are known for replacing meat with beans to ensure they still get adequate amounts of protein in their diet. What better name for a nutritionist/vegetarian cookbook author than Anita Bean?

A Correctional Officer in the US state of Georgia already had a funny surname to begin with. The officer’s name is Robyn and her maiden name was Wineglass. But, wait for it, it gets better… officer Robyn then went on to get married and she’s now known as Robyn Banks. Ironic, isn’t it?

A urologist in Texas has done more than 16,000 vasectomies and has become a bit of a legend in the city of Austin where he’s known as the ‘vasectomy machine’. So, what’s the name of this urologist known for doing vasectomies? Doctor Dick Chopp.

Watch the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel Live video below to see what these people look like as they’re interviewed by Jimmy.

Image credit: The Guardian

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