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It's an age-old question: who would win the fight between a honey badger and a wolverine? Well, let's take a look at the tale of the tape.

Their ferocity is the stuff of legends, and both of these creatures are revered by us humans for their undeniability to kick ass. Both the honey badger and wolverine are famous for taking on predators much larger than themselves, and most creatures in the animal kingdom prefer to give them a wide berth.

This, inevitably, leads the internet to contemplate which one would win in a fight. Considering their natural habitats, it's unlikely we'll ever find out. You see, the honey badger lives in Africa and parts of Asia, where they prefer the warmer climate. Wolverines, on the other hand, love the cold of Alaska, Canada, parts of northern Europe and Russia.

This small hiccup doesn't prevent us from debating the issue though. We don't even know if these cousins – because they belong to the Mustelidae family – would even engage if they did come across each other.

But, let us look at them objectively. According to YouTube channel, WildClencias; "The wolverine is much larger, up to 107cm long, 45cm at the shoulder, and weighs up to 25kg's". The honey badger, on the other hand, "measures up to 96cm long, 28cm at the shoulder, and weighs up to 16kg's".

The wolverine has a special set of molars in its mouth that help it to crush bones, while the honey badger's teeth are smaller but much sharper for tearing flesh.

Both creatures have been known to bring down large prey, but the honey badger is more tenacious and an active hunter, while the wolverine is more of a scavenger. 

When it comes to defence mechanisms, the wolverine has thick fur, but it uses its sharp claws and strong jaw mainly. The badger, however, has a 6mm thick and lose hide, that not even African porcupine quills can penetrate it. Although the wolverine is much larger, the honey badger will fight for hours, until it is either dead or its attacker is worn out.

This may be a debate that ranges for centuries to come. To find out what conclusion Dave McCallion from WildClencias comes to, then hit the play button on the video below.

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