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For the average eye, Louboutins may look like just another pair of shoes… that’s until you spot the famous red bottom. Well, OK maybe not the average eye.

Celebrities all over the world wear them, and they’ve been referenced in pop culture through songs, movies, and images.

While the signature pump sells for almost $600, the most expensive pair sells for almost $6,000! So, what is the story behind Louboutins, and why are they so expensive?

Back in 1993, one of the French fashion designer, Christian Louboutin’s, employees was painting her nails red. He saw it, picked up the bottle of nail polish, and painted the bottom of a prototype shoe with it. Just like that, the famous red bottom shoes were born.

When asked why his shoes are so expensive, the fashion mogul simply blamed it on production costs. Each pair of shoes is made by hand and only the finest materials are used to create the exquisite shoes that people all over the world have come to love.

There’s no doubt about it though, the shoes have become a fashion icon and somewhat of a status symbol… and also cost the same as a car payment.

According to Wikipedia, the American novelist, Danielle Steel (ask your Mom who she is), is Christian Louboutin’s single biggest client. She reportedly owns over 6,000 pairs and is known to have purchased up to 80 pairs at a time when shopping at his stores. She can thank your Mom and her friends for all that money.

Watch the Business Insider video below for more on What Makes Louboutins So Expensive?

Image credit: Denis Film

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