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It's no secret that McDonald's ice cream machines like to be offline often. In fact, the problem is so prolific that it's become a meme. But why are McDonald's ice cream machines always broken? Let's find out...

We've all experienced it before. You pull up to a McDonald's, looking forward to a delicious McFlurry, but the machine is broken. Sigh... But why do these machines seem to be busted way more often than other fast-food franchises, like Burger King or KFC?

Well, not too long ago, a few media outlets looked into the problem. They discovered that the particular machine that McDonald's use has a four-hour-long cleaning cycle, and that's the issue.

And that's that, right? Well, no. Not even close. YouTuber, Johnny Harris, a journalist and filmmaker, was also looking into the story. Out of the blue, he received an email from a McDonald's insider, with a cryptic message saying they have insight that would blow the story wide open.

And that would be the catalyst that would take Johnny and his team on a deep dive into the corporate policies of McDonald's and their supplier, a company called Taylor.

As it turns out, the problem with an out of order ice cream machine has nothing to do with user error or even the four-hour cleaning cycle. It's got everything to do with revenue-generation for Taylor and complicity from McDonald's head office.

As it turns out, the software of these machines is designed to be difficult for Joe Soap to operate. This forces the franchise owner to have to call for an expensive Taylor technician to fix the problem. At the franchisee's expense, obviously.

To find out more about this story, and the dodgy business practice from these two companies, press the play button on Johnny's video below. It'll open your eyes, and you'll be less likely to give that McDonald's employee a hard time the next time their machine is broken.

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