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When the humble Kit Kat chocolate was first launched in Japan back in 1973, no one knew that the country will become so obsessed with it and that it would be the number one selling chocolate in the country.

In Japan, there are over 400 different flavours of Kit Kat, and they differ from region to region. While a region like Hokkaido has a melon flavoured Kit Kat, Kyushu prefers purple sweet potato.

Yasumasa Takagi is a pastry chef and the genius behind most of these interesting flavours. You see, Yasumasa liked the milk chocolate version that we all know, but he wanted to add something different.

So, the first flavour he introduced was passion fruit, and the rest is history. The Japanese liked the new flavour so much that Yasumasa hasn’t stopped introducing new flavours since then.

The different flavoured Kit Kats have become something of a phenomenon in the country, with a cult following. Yasumasa firmly believes that the more flavour options he produces, the more people will be happy.

That’s why he has introduced flavours like cheesecake, strawberry, rum and raisin, blueberry, wasabi, red bean and green tea.

Watch the Great Big Story video below to meet the man responsible for making over 400 different Kit Kat flavours in Japan.

Image credit: Shelflife

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