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One woman on Tumblr, Evayna, recently proposed that Charlie shouldn’t have won Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

According to Evayma, Violet Beauregarde should've won Wonka's chocolate factory, she explains; "Have I watched the movie in the last decade or more? No. Do I have ironclad evidence to support my argument? Yes.

1) She's the most knowledgeable about candy. She's committed to it and knows her stuff. When Wonka holds up a little yellow piece across the room she recognises it immediately. She was able to switch to candy bars for the sake of the contest, so we know she has personal discipline and is goal oriented. Also, two major projects play directly into her strong suits: the three-course-meal guy that Wonka failed to make safe and the neverending gobstopper.

2) She's the fittest to run a business. Violet is competitive, determined, hardworking and willing to take risks. her father is a small town car salesman and politician, so she could easily pick up knowledge and support from him. (Veruca's dad is also a businessman and in a compatible market, but its made very clear that Veruca has no respect or knowledge of business practices or hard work.)

3) She's the most sympathetic to the Oompa Loompa's. She critiques Veruca when she demands to buy one. More importantly, Wonka has been testing the three-course-meal gum that 'always goes wrong' on Oompa Loompa's while he presumably just watches. Violet is ready to put herself on the front line, instead of treating the Oompa Loompa's as disposable, and would, therefore, be a better boss.

4) Her personality flaw is the most fitting for the company. In the moralising Oompa Loompa song, they just say gum is pretty cool, but it's not socially acceptable to chew it all day. The thing is, we already know that she can stop if she wants because she already did that to win the golden ticket. She is defensive about the perceived impoliteness of her hobby but the obsession with candy and neglect of social norms is exactly what Wonka is all about.

5) Violet's misstep in the factory was reasonable. Wonka shows everyone candy he's very proud of and misleads her just to belittle her almost to make her eat the gum. She is not selfish about her experience, she tells everyone what she's tasting and feeling, and everyone is eager to hear it, taking a personal risk to share knowledge with everyone.

Lastly: Can you imagine Charlie filling Wonka's shoes? That passive, naive boy? Violet is already basically Wonka. She's passionate, sarcastic, candy-obsessed, free thinking, and a total firecracker. She's even better than Wonka because she doesn't endanger others."

Her arguments drew attention and sparked a discussion among other Tumblr users, with many disagreeing. What do you think, who deserved winning more?

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