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Seeing a little squirrel in the wild makes you wonder what they are up to sometimes. But have you ever seen this curious fluffy animal up close? 

Swedish photographer, Johnny Kääpä, has finally earned the trust of his local squirrels. He managed to snap a few terrific photos of the curious creatures approaching his camera, even posing for some of the images. For years, Kääpä has tried befriending the red squirrels in the neighbourhood to capture their most candid moments. 

At first, the squirrels were shy to come a little closer to the lense. Johnny had to use long lenses to capture the fluffy red squirrels from afar.

However, after earning their trust, he could use shorter lenses to document these adorable creatures from up close.

Kääpä's photos which he took throughout the season, revealed the intimate lives of squirrels. He managed to snap some adorable images of the squirrels foraging nuts, climbing trees and investigating the wild. We can definitely say that these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed squirrels are very busy creatures. 

Kääpä's photos also reveal the playful side of the animals. They showcase how inquisitive the squirrels are, especially when it comes to his camera, as they would come right up and peer straight into the lens. The results of the curious images were astounding, as each photo captured their expressive faces in detail.

Squirrels are very playful and remarkably agile creatures who love to jump around between the trees and explore. One of Kääpä's images, titled Super Hero, captured this characteristic in the most hilarious way. 

It shows a squirrel who looks like it just made a landing akin to Superman. This brilliant image was also one of the finalists in The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. 

With these incredibly adorable photos of the fluffy squirrels, Kääpä hopes to bring a smile to his viewers' faces. "I have a bit of a following on social media. I once calculated that if I make my followers smile for just one second, it's a smile that lasts for three hours, every day."

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