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Since he was a puppy Murphy has always been a very happy-go-lucky dog who only enjoys to spread and receive love and most importantly, making new friends. In fact, he’s yet to run across a person or animal he doesn’t like.

And recently Murphy’s mom discovered  that his closest relationships is one he's been carrying on in secret.

Murphy’s mom, Jo-Hannah Jamieson, let him out to play in the backyard and to go and do his business as usual. However much to Jamieson’s surprise, Murphy was actually mixing “business” with pleasure.

While being outside Jamieson noticed Murphy making a beeline to the back of the yard. She then noticed a hand emerging through an opening in the fence, showering Murphy with pets and scratches.

Here’s the video of Murphy and the hand in action on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@joh_jam/video/6947229286860360966

The hand belongs to Jamieson’s neighbour who is clearly a dog lover. It’s unclear exactly when the two started their relationship but it is clear that it has been growing for a while. 

“Every time I let Murphy out, he goes to the back fence to see if my neighbour is there. I think Murphy gets at least one pet a day from him.”

Murphy gets plenty of love and attention from his owner, but apparently the hand’s pets are still just too good to pass up. But Jamieson doesn’t have any hard feelings and is just glad that Murphy is spreading the love one pet at a time.

“With lockdown and ‘work from home,’ I’m the only person he speaks to. So, I think he likes getting pets from someone else for a change. But I’m happy he gets a bit of socialisation. He definitely loves company. It’s nice to know that Murphy has neighbours who like him.”

Jamieson did add that she would like to set up a proper meeting with the neighbour so that sweet Murphy can meet the man behind the hand, but until that time comes, a little thing like a fence won’t keep them apart.

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