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We've all seen crocodiles floating in our pools. In fact, we've seen flamingos, unicorns and cars… but they're floaties and not the real thing.

Unless you live in the North West province of South Africa.

Angel Breytenbach was in for quite a shock early one morning. As usual, she checked her security cameras before letting her dogs out on her way to feed the chickens.

That's when Angel noticed a strange object in their pool, so she called her husband Jaco to have a look.

And there it was: a crocodile just chilling in their pool. After close inspection of the CCTV footage from the night before, the Breytenbach's saw that the crocodile climbed into their pool at about 02:00 that morning.

They believe that he was unable to get out again because of the stairs.

Radio station, Jacaranda FM, reported that it is believed that the crocodile came from a nearby river. It was safely removed and placed in a safe location. The crocodile will undergo a medical check-up before being released back into its natural habitat.

Watch the GS Features video below, and remember to double check your pool before you go out every morning. Only in South Africa!

Image credit: All4Women

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