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A New York City woman has found an unfinished apartment behind her bathroom mirror. Yes, it sounds exactly like the plot to a Stephen King thriller, but it actually happened in real life.

Samantha Hartsoe said that even though her heating was on, her apartment always felt cold. At one stage she could feel a draft coming from the hole where her door lock would slide into when the bathroom door is closed.

She decided to close it up and hoped that it would solve the problem. Well, the exact opposite happened. Samantha could feel a breeze going through her hair as she walked passed the mirror. In the video she posted on social media, you can actually see her hair moving in the breeze.

So, Samantha did what any curious person would do… she investigated. And by investigated we mean she put on a COVID mask, took her phone and a flashlight with her and squeezed herself through the small hole behind the mirror.

The innocent investigation quickly turned into a massive find: Behind her bathroom mirror was another apartment. Luckily the apartment was uninhabited but, from what Samantha managed to capture on camera, there was definitely someone working in the apartment at some stage.

Now, we’re not saying Samantha should do this, but if we discovered a whole apartment behind our bathroom mirror, we would’ve knocked down that wall and started using the extra space for free. But that’s just us.

Watch the Joseph Morris video below to see what Samantha Hartsoe discovered behind her bathroom wall.

Image credit: The Saxon

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