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Nature and what it holds are mostly breathtaking. Gorgeous variety of animals with gorgeous colour and beautiful plants decorating the Earth. However sometimes nature can trick you and something might not always be what it seems. April Rose is one of that people who got to experience this first hand. 

One day while she was sitting in her bedroom, she noticed what appeared to be a unique and beautiful bird sitting on a branch outside her window. The bird appeared to be black or grey of colour with a long, thin beak and fluffy feathers. 

Noticing the cute bird, Rose quickly grabbed a camera and rushed to the window not wanting to miss the opportunity to get a picture of the ‘cute’ bird. Rose explained, “I thought it was weird that it had been sitting there so long because I’d noticed it a few times. So I thought, ‘This is my chance.’”

Since Rose first received her very own Canon camera as a gift two years ago, she has been taking several pictures of any kind of bird in a still position. Some of the birds she has photographed includes blue herons, woodpeckers, robins and blue jays. Having seen several birds before, she was still unable to identify what kind of bird was outside, but she just knew she couldn’t miss the chance of a photo of a bird that is sitting still.

She quickly rushed to get her camera as she was afraid that the bird will fly away, however it turns out that she didn’t have to worry about that at all, as the bird is not quite what she think it is. “I took the first one, and then I zoomed in a little bit and took the second one and was like, ‘Wait a second. That’s not even a bird’. After taking the second or the third photo, I was like, ‘It’s a leaf.’”

After finding it somewhat hilarious, she decided to post the photos on the Crap Bird Photography Facebook group with the caption: “I ran to grab my camera to take a picture of this awesome bird … turned out to be a leaf.” To her surprise many other online viewers found it hilarious as well. The post received thousands of likes and comments. Many people couldn’t help but relate to being fooled by a leaf that is doing its best bird impression and also agreed that it would have been a cute and awesome bird of it was actually real. 

Even though she has been fooled and didn’t get that bird photo, she is still not disappointed about the outcome. “I thought it was a really cool leaf, so I wasn’t disappointed in any way. To me, it still looks like a bird.”

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