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We’ve all got that one family member who still think the 1980s were the best years and nothing would ever be able to beat it. From their taste in music, hairstyles, and their outfits, it’s clear that they’re stuck in a decade a lot of people have forgotten about.

If you think the 1980s was a long time ago, think again.

Laci Fay is an American housewife that lives every day as if it’s 1958. Seriously.

From her vintage car, to her outfits, hair and even her entire home… it’s all a shrine to what life was and looked like back then.

It’s clear to see why the local drugstore is her favourite hangout place. It’s got a jukebox, retro style ice cream bar and a soda fountain. Oh, the thrills they had back in the day!

Laci says it all started with the first vintage dress she tried on, and her entire life has been inspired by her grandparents and the decade they got married.

Laci and her family’s house is an authentic 1950s home that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Every single piece of equipment is an original from that decade and it’s all still working. Even their fridge has been running for 70 years.

The only room in the house that’s not decorated in the theme is Laci’s son’s room. Laci and her husband decided to give him the freedom to choose what he likes.

Watch the In The Know video below for more on Laci and her 1950s lifestyle.

Image credit: Baba Mail

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