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Cats owners are used to their cats bringing them unusual gifts, such as mice and birds. Yet what would cat owners do if their cat comes home every day with a new pair of gloves and maybe even a handbag?

Yes, that is actually happening to cat owner Kate Felmet. Felmet's cat, named Esme, comes home with various objects she stole from her neighbours as a gift to her owner. 

The felonious feline, now known as the cat burglar in Beaverton, Oregon, has been stealing small items, such as gloves and face masks from neighbouring garages. 

Although Felmet appreciates the well-intended gesture from Esme, she still knows that stealing is wrong. To make right her cat's wrong, Felmet decided to expose Esme as a thief. After outing her cat on a sign, she invited neighbours to come and reclaim their missing items.

Felmet put out a hand-painted sign on her lawn with the words, "My cat is a thief. Please take these items if they are yours." The signage also included an illustration of Esme, the cat crook, with a glove in her mouth.

Felmet also hanged all the stolen objects thus far on a wire clothesline next to the sign. It seems the most common items Esme stole are rubber gardening gloves. Thus far, only a few neighbours have gone to reclaim their items. 

Even though Esme has been publicly shamed by her mother, she still shows no remorse. She is actually proud of her looted collection. "When she brings them, she comes to the backdoor and yowls, like 'Wooooar!' till I come and tell her she's done a good job."

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