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For the third time in 13 years, Evin Dugas has won the  Guinness World Records title of tallest African woman. A Louisiana woman decided to keep her hair natural 24 years ago, and her hair has been growing ever since. Her current world record is 5.41 feet in circumference, 9.84 inches in height and 10.4 inches in width. 

Before wearing her hair naturally, Dugas went through different hairstyles. She mentioned the painful experience of braiding  as one of the times she wanted to embrace her natural beauty. "I chose less to grow an afro than I chose to go natural," says Dugas. "It was because I was tired of using dangerous chemicals to permanently straighten my hair."

Doug is very proud that her hair is healthy and shares her habits on social media. Although she occasionally visits a hairdresser, she also cuts her  hair. "I started doing hot oil treatments...or smearing my hair with oils, which I do before I wash my shampoo, apply conditioner, and style my hair, and do it at least once every seven days," she shares. "Also, I'm careful with the ends of my hair because those are the most delicate and oldest parts. I try to make styles that hide my goals. It helps a lot."

When Doug wears her afro in public, she says, she always gets a lot of attention from strangers. Although most of them are positive, she meets some people who touch their hair without permission. "People react differently to my afro," she says. "Some just scream in admiration, some watch, some come up and ask questions, and some just come up and tug a little." Despite  occasional irritation, Doug loves her afro and shows it off confidently. "It's about pride in textured hair," she explains, "which leads to self-love."

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