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During the coronavirus lockdown phase drag on, people were running out of things to keep them entertained. Many people created their own new ways to entertain themselves. For Liz Coto that was creating something not only to make her family laugh but also entertain her neighbours in the process as well.

They regarded the sidewalk in front of their home as "the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Stupid Walks" and ordered those who passed their sign to  begin the "stupid walk" immediately. All  the fun footwork was caught on the family's doorbell cam.

Koto's quarantine activities are inspired by a Monty Python sketch entitled "Ministry of Stupid Walks". It features an officer, played by John Cleese, moving in all sorts of fun ways, including rocking his legs  back and forth and raising his knees  above his waist. At a sign from Koto, she instructs anyone with questions about walking to refer to this sketch.  

As it turns out, Koto's neighbours are very good at walking dumb. Like Cleese, many of them move their legs in the same exaggerated way. However, some choose to go their own way and do the exercises, or pretend to be on a tightrope and carefully lay out a path before them. They all seem to be having a good time, and their palpable joy has made Koto's Instagram, Yorkshire Silly Walks, a popular spot for light-hearted fun.

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