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North Carolina resident, Dianna Wood, celebrated her birthday earlier this year and received a special birthday present she had coveted for years, a power washer. 

However, Dianna is not planning to use it as you may think. Although not a trained artist herself, Dianna has long kept a range of creative hobbies on the side.

It wasn't long after she got the power washer for her birthday that she started using her creative side. Inspiration struck as Dianna was about to clean the driveway. "When I realized how long it would take (we have a very long and very dirty driveway), I decided to turn it into an art project." 

At first, she started using the power washer to inscribe words on the pavements and soon found the result very compelling. After that, she started moving onto more substantial and complicated drawings such as owls, birds, flowers and even butterflies. 

Dianna explained on her blog that, "I use a power washer to 'clean' the images. I use the power washer wand (freehand, no stencils) as a giant spray can. 

"I raise and lower the tip of the wand to achieve different gradations. It uses water pressure to clean away the deep-down dirt on the cement, leaving an image where the cement is clean."

Dianna's business boomed, receiving more and more attention every day after people saw her immense talent with a power washer. 

Before she knew it, her stunning driveway art had gone viral. Although the artist never sought out fame in her pursuit of artistic expression, she explained that she is still grateful for the opportunity given to engage with other people through art.

Take a closer look at Dianna's power washer art below. 

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