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If you could imagine the deepest pool in the world, how far down and wide would you imagine it? Well, the world's deepest pool is set to be built, and construction is about to start in Cornwall for a jaw-dropping £150 million.

The pool has been named after the British company Blue Abyss, which is set to build the massive pool. Blue Abyss will measure 164 feet down, which is about half the size of Elizabeth Tower in Westminster.

And yes, the pool has to be filled with water and, to be clear, it will take 42,000 cubic metres of water, which is equivalent to 17 Olympic-size swimming pools or 168 million cups of tea. 

This will be the largest and deepest pool the world has ever seen. However, it won't be open to the public for a swim. The pool will be a research, test and training centre serving the offshore energy, marine, defence and space sectors.

Though the pool's construction is still waiting for the final permission, it has already been decided that Cornwall Airport Newquay will be the location. It is set to be completed in a total of 18 months in the second quarter of 2023. 

The firm is, however, still in negotiation with Cornwall Council to acquire four adjacent plots. This comes down to a 10-acre site at the Aerohub Business Park.

According to Blue Abyss, the pool is expected to create 160 jobs, pump £50million of build costs into Cornwall during its construction, and generate £8million annually for the local economy.

What's more, the project has the support of legendary British astronaut Tim Peake. Peake became Britain's first official astronaut in December 2015 when he spent six months onboard the International Space Station.

"I am proud to be part of the Blue Abyss team, and I am delighted to see the project take such an important step forward with today's announcement. Cornwall is the perfect home for Blue Abyss, a region with great potential for its space, aerospace and renewable energy ambitions."

The pool will be the world's first commercial astronaut training centre. It will benefit research projects in other markets, including offshore energy, maritime defence, ocean ecology, human life sciences and commercial diving.

The lifelike concept images, which you see here, released by the firm, shows that the pool will be housed within a curious tear-drop-shaped building. This was designed by British architect Robin Partington who led the design team for The Gherkin in Central London. 

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