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The world's first-ever sky-high see-through swimming pool is located in London. It opened up on 19 May 2021 but, it seems not on a good note with some residents and social media users. 

The new luxury swimming pool, which has been built 115 foot above the ground, has been branded a "nightmare". Some viewers have described how dizzying aerial photos of it has made them feel sick.

The 25-metre transparent pool has been built on the 10th floor between two blocks of flats in Nine Elms, Vauxhall in Southwest London, just down the road from the US Embassy.

The sky-high swimming pool, which is 25 meters long, 5 meters wide and 3 meters deep, does provide stunning views of the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. However, the pool above the Embassy Gardens flats is the most exclusive venue to take a dip in Britain.

The first of its kind swimming pool will only be available to residents and guests of the Embassy Gardens flats staying in one of the top apartments. But, shared ownership tenants in the housing development are not allowed to use the facilities, according to reports.

However, instead of being desired and branded as a new must-do adventure, social media users are squeamish at the prospect of going swimming more than 100ft in the air. Twitter users have been branding the pool as a "recipe for disaster" and "a nightmare".

"Not swimming out over that glass death pool nope nope nope", one person tweeted, while another said: "I love heights, but some things just aren't worth it. I'll stick to in-ground pools". 

The plans for a floating pool, named the Sky Pool, were first drawn up in 2013 by designers who were penning ideas for the Embassy Gardens' Legacy Buildings development. The water bridge is the developments highlight, created by EcoWorld Ballymore. The buildings include 2,000 luxury apartments, a retail space, office space, bars, restaurants and landscaped gardens.

A floating pool, which holds 375 tonnes of water, was decided on for the new flats after concluding that it was the only suitable place where the pool could be built. The development of the 82-foot acrylic pool took three weeks to prepare. It was first developed in Colorado and then put through "extensive strength testing" before being shipped to the UK. 

The giant pool has been developed using technology that allows it to move in high winds. The pool structure can deal with these movements by not being rigidly connected at both ends as it can slide while maintaining watertight integrity. 

Not to fear, though, as the pool is not all floating in the air. In fact, the structure is held up by an invisible steel frame and is fully transparent, despite the base of the 10-foot deep pool being almost 12-inches thick.

Not only does the new buildings offer a new swimming adventure, but has a rooftop bar next to a greenhouse filled with orange trees. Spa facilities are also available for those living at the luxury development. 

A spokesperson for Ballymore said: "All residents at Embassy Gardens receive the same service in terms of estate management, security, general building safety and energy supply." But, to keep costs affordable for the average units, the Sky Pool is only available to the penthouse suites.

Those lucky buggers...

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