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Date: 2018-10-09

Here's a ten-minute video of oddly satisfying, Awesome, WTF, Cringe and just a whole bunch of Random that you can't stop watching.

PS: At at 1:22, the rock they found on the beach is called a 'Yooperlite'.Erik Rintamaki discovered a rock in Michigan, made of a mineral never seen before, that glows under an ultraviolet light. Without knowing what they were or why the rocks glowed, he named them “Yooperlites.

To the naked eye, they look like grey rocks, but under the UV light, the mineral composite makes the rocks glow. He sent them in for testing at Michigan Technological University and Saskatoon University.
Yooperlite is the name Rintamaki came up with, but the rocks are actually Syenite rocks that are rich in fluorescent Sodalite. He sells the rocks for about $32 a pound and has sent them all over the world including Thailand, Singapore, and almost every European country, he said.

In the short clip, you see a woman find a big 'Yooperlite', this was on one of Rintamaki's groups that he takes down to the beach in search of these rocks on Lake Superior.

Enjoy the video!

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