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Zac Efron has a terrible time on the First We Feast show called Hot Ones while eating spicy wings.

Zac Efron bravely takes up the offer to join Sean Evans, the host of First We Feast, on the show Hot Ones, to be interviewed whilst devouring chicken wings. The catch though, is that the chicken wings are smothered in the world's hottest hot sauce, each with a Scoville rating (hotness scale) from mild right through to the pooper nukers!

Zac Efron rose to fame after starring in the internationally recognised High School Musical franchise that was released back in 2006, and continued to dominate the movie charts with its sequels until the last release in 2008. Thereafter, Zac Efron continued to star in blockbuster hits but left the teen musical genre and branched off into romance, action and mainstream comedy films, and today is recognised as one of the worlds top movie superstars.

Zac Efron admits right from the beginning that he isn't good with spicy foods at all, especially after travelling to various countries around the world where their cultural food is very hot! So, without giving too much away, take a look at the view below by YouTube channel, First We Feast, on Zac Efron chowing down on some spicy wings on Hot Ones.

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