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A Zara customer, Julia Leonard, shared her embarrassing experience with a pair of the shop's faux leather trousers.

Julia was left mortified on a day out to a restaurant with her family. Her new pair of leather trousers she bought at Zara came with a very awkward design flaw.

After her mortifying experience Julia shared the news on TikTok. She said; "Please just keep watching if you shop at Zara. So I bought these really cute, flarey-type leather pants, and I went out to eat with my family. And thank god it was just my family. On our way out, my sister drops her phone, so I go down to pick it up and this happens..."

The video instantly went viral after the hilarious clip racked up nearly four million views.

Julia stands back in the video and demonstrates while bending down. And then the trousers let out a noise comparable to a loud fart. Then she squats down twice more to prove it was not an unfortunate isolated incident.

She broke out with laughter before she continued; "So here's a warning if you want to buy these pants: don't bend down."

The 19-year-old captioned the clip 'Save yourself because I couldn't', and it has been viewed over 4 million times. The hidden hilarious secret of the pants has been discovered in the most embarrassing way.

The comments quickly filled up as one wrote, "was expecting you to say they ripped but I was way off," as another replied "Oh they ripped alright."

Another comment read; "Omgg. I would stand there doing it at least 32 more times to let others know it was just the pants."

Another viewer shared the same experience and wrote; "I HAVE THE SAME PAIR. Happened to me getting into an Uber haha."

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