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There are challenges, and then there are Challenges, and this Boss Bitch Fight Challenge by Zoë Bell, featuring Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Margot Robbie and others, is terrific!

The 2020 Coronavirus has changed the way many the world over interact socially, mainly because we're all in lockdown. For some, like Zoë Bell, the actress and stunt woman from New Zealand who has been involved in countless blockbusters, it's simply too tedious.

So, instead of doing something boring, like hopping on the egg and alcohol challenge, Zoë came up with something much better, then got hold of a few friends to help get it done. And, by 'friends', we mean A-listers ready to kick ass.

The premise to the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge is simple. Zoë is bored and wants to play with her friends, so she does a flying kick at the camera. This immediately cuts to Lucy Lawless, stumbling forward from the impact, who turns and delivers a fist of her own.

This starts a domino effect through nearly 40 female celebrities, each receiving a blow and then delivering one to the next lady.

Famous stars, such as Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Juliet Lewis tale on the likes of Zoë Saldana, Thandie Newton, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson, even Margot Robbie and Harley Quinn's baseball bat make an appearance!

This will be the best five minutes of your day, as we suggest you watch it immediately.

The full cast, in order of appearance, includes Zoë Bell, Lucy Lawless, Tara Macken, Drew Barrymore, Juliette Lewis, Tamiko Brownlee, Rosario Dawson, Amy Johnston, Cameron Diaz, Kimberly Shannon Murphy, Daniela Ruah, Michaela McAllister, Kaitlin Olson, Lauren Mary Kim, Florence Pugh, Julia Butters, Angela Meryl, Sarah Irwin, Daryl Hannah, Sophia Di Martino, Tracie Thoms, Shauna Duggins, Zoe Saldana, Ming Qiu, Reneé Elise Goldsberry, Rosie Perez, Lilly Aspell, Thandie Newton, Melissa Stubbs, Jessie Graff, Monique Ganderton, Halle Berry, Heidi Moneymaker, Scarlett Johansson, Dayna Grant, Margot Robbie, Renae Moneymaker, and KT Tunstall. Oh yes, and it ends with Zoë Bell on the toilet...

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