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We all want our home and work environments to be pleasing to the eye and comfortable to be in. That's why these 10 awesome interior design trends for 2020 are an inspiration.

Whether you're sitting in your lounge at home or stuck behind your computer at the office, the environment around you should be a comfortable and happy place. It should make you feel good to be there.

For that reason, here are 10 awesome design trends for 2020 from D.Signers that will inspire you to make your living and working spaces a joy to behold.

Vertical gardens

A trend that has gained pace over the past year or two are vertical gardens. Combined with wooden surfaces and mirrors, the greenery creates tranquil and relaxing spaces with unique shape and texture.

Black is a new neutral

If you're looking for drama, then black may be your new best friend. Not only does it add strength to a room, but it offers a compelling contrast to solid white and splashes of colour. Many contemporary industrial designers are creating fabulous elements in black, from sinks and taps to reading lamps and fireplaces.

Humble materials and craftsmanship

Don't panic if you're unsure of what 'humble materials' are, they're simply things like plywood, hemp, terracotta and weave. Think wicker love nests, loose canvas lamps and bamboo coffee tables. These items complement both natural, pastel colours, as well as the solid black mentioned earlier.

3D wall coverings

You may have seen 3D tiles in the bathrooms of upmarket restaurants in recent years, but this trend is now expanding into living spaces of the home. These textured walls add a tactile element to any space, from hardy-looking concrete tiles to geometric PVC and wooden shapes, without overpowering the room.

Classic Blue by Pantone

Every year, Pantone gives us their Colour Of The Year. Named Pantone 19-4052 TXC Classic Blue, this colour offers us a sense of peace and tranquillity, and is, according to Pantone, "imprinted in our psyches as a restful colour". Used in materials to cover furniture and decor like vases and lampshades, it combines with warm textures like natural wooden elements, much like the humble elements mentioned above.


This element, with its striking veins and endless colour patterns, has continuously been regarded as being sophisticated and noble. With endless colour combinations, marble can add impact to any room, whether it be a small vase or an entire wall.

Curves and organic shapes

If you're looking to add a bit of fun, then curves are an excellent way to soften a rigid space, creating an unexpected element to shape your room. Think kidney-shaped baths and tear-drop mirrors, not to mention unique items of furniture and artwork.

Biophilia Design Concept

"Err... What?" I hear you ask. Well, fortunately, Zahira Cury from D.Signers has an explanation. She says Biophilia is a "love of life or living systems". Basically, "Biophilic interiors are spaces that reconnect us with nature". With our high-paced lives, bringing natural light, living walls and natural textures into your living space has a "positive impact on our mind and soul". It helps to "reduce stress and enhance creativity...and expedite healing", something many of us could use.

Velvet and corduroy

You may be thinking we've transported back to the 70s, but you'd be mistaken, velvet is a classic, and corduroy is making a comeback. These textures can add opulence and elegance to any room if used correctly, an ottoman or scatter cushions, a cleverly placed armchair or lovely rug can add to the drama of any space.

Matt finishes

If you're looking for clean sophistication, then a smooth matt finish will add a relaxing element to your space. "The simplicity of the surface allows the colour and design to be the focus rather than the texture of your materials," says Cury. From walls to "bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets, fixtures, handles, countertops, furniture, vases or any accessory", a matt finish can be incorporated into any space.

And there you have it, 10 awesome interior design trends for 2020. Whether you apply them individually to your favourite space or combine elements from a variety of these ideas, you're sure to create a wonderful place to call your own.

To find out more about each trend and to see how each one works, take a look at the video below. Happy designing!

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