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A New Mexico couple and their their two kids are living an inspiring life in nature.

A lot of people these days are feeling the huge desire to live as simply as possible to reduce costs and to escape the rut of life. However, it's important to note that those wanting to build and live in a tiny house should cooperate and work closely with local officials in order to ensure that they understand and stay within the realms of housing or zoning codes.

Zac and his family were considering moving into a camper, canvas tent or RV just so they could get out of the city, embrace the land and get their kids outside into nature. The family are originally from California and Zac says the decision to move to a canvas tent from a suburban lifestyle was quite a hectic one but watching his kids enjoy the outside has really made the transition worth it.

The family initially started building the house around the fire pit which they made by bringing big boulders up from the river which is very close to them. Zac created his garden by throwing 100 pounds of seeds everywhere and said he "let God got do his thing with the rain". Now the family are living rent-free in a home that, in total, cost only $5,000.00 – and they now live sustainably too.

Take a look at Zac and Katie's beautiful family home.

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